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1997 Interview with Art Bell
Interview with Steven Gibbs on the Art Bell Coast to Coast am radio show in 1997. Steven Gibbs talks about the Hyper Dimensional Resonator.

$19.01 (SKU #12)


1998 Interview with Art Bell
Another interview of Steven Gibbs on the Art Bell show in 1998. Steven Gibbs discusses a man in Australia that was able to go physical with an HDR or Hyper Dimensional Resonator.

$19.02 (SKU #13)


David Bilenski Story
Art Bell from the Coast to Coast am radio show reads David Bilenski's fax which prove he went five minutes into the future.

$19.03 (SKU #14)


HDR Instruction Manual
This manual will help you use an HDR or Hyper Dimensional Resonator. I describe the various functions of the device. Also, I discuss how to find a grid point.

$19.04 (SKU #15)


Journey's Through Time
These are the documented journeys of Steven L. Gibbs.

$19.05 (SKU #16)


How to Locate Grid Points
Report helps you locate grid points which are the intersection of two ley lines. These are like dimensional doorways. Details the different types of grid points and hoe to find them.

$19.06 (SKU #17)


Time Travel
Patricia Ress talks about her time travel experiences. Also about the wing makers and more.

$19.07 (SKU #18)


Bible Prophesies
Patricia Ress talks about Book of Revelation, Book of Daniel, Book of Micah, and many coming events.

$19.08 (SKU #19)


It's About Time
Articles written by Patricia Ress on Steven L. Gibbs in magazines. These magazines are long gone.

$19.09 (SKU #20)


Collectors Item
Long John Neville works at WR in NYC interviews Ray Palmer and Richard Shaver on the subsurface world. This 1950's classic will leave you speechless.

$19.10 (SKU #21)

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