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Here are plans for many devices built by inventor Steven Gibbs. They come straight from the inventor to you. Please allow three weeks for shipping. Find out about how the amazing Hyper Dimensional Resonator was built and how Steven got a hold of this exciting technology.

  Please add $20 to foreign orders (OUTSIDE USA) to pay postage.

Report 1 - A Simplified Philadelphia Experiment $22.01

In the fall of 1943 a U.S. Navy destroyer was made invisible and teleported from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Norfolk, Virginia, in an incident known as the Philadelphia Experiment. The ship involved in the experiment was supposedly the USS Eldridge.

This booklet contains lots of technical information about that experiment. Also learn how to build the Sonic Resonator for inducing astral projections. It is a simplified version of the Hyper Dimensional Resonator. Learn the history of the Hyper Dimensional Resonator or HDR. Also explains how to locate grid points (areas of intense energy concentration around earth's surface). Also contains schematics and diagrams. Plus lots of time travel background information.

TR1 $22.01


Sand Clock Hourglass Time

Report 2 - Time Travel Machines $22.02

Contains various diagrams and schematics of several Steven Gibbs devices such as  the Biotronic Oscillator and Atlantean Generator which can be used for astral out of body time travel! Also contains information on constructing an artificial grid point. A grid point is necessary for physical time travel to occur. Also contains experiments using the Hyper Dimensional Resonator and other easily constructed parts for out of the body time travel.
TR2 $22.02

Report 3 - Time Travelers Compendium $22.03

Shows how to build the STB-60 [Sonic Time Blaster], Ecktoplasmic Oscillator, Sonic Resonator, Time Field Resonator, Fluid Tank Time Warp, Chronological Reflector and more.
TR3 $22.03

Report 4 - Chronological Discoveries $22.04

Show us the mystery of the pyramids, how to build a Cosmic Diode to use with your HDR or Hyper Dimensional Resonator.
Also how to convert your Tesla Coil into a time travel machine.

TR4 $22.04

Report 5 - Time Travel Physics $22.05

How to construct the amazing Chronological Time Reflector using a Tesla coil. Steven Gibbs claims his knowledge was given to him by an actual time traveler! Instructions for the Hyper Dimensional Resonator are included as well as data on the physics of time travel.

TR5 $22.05

Report 6 Time Portals $22.06

Learn ways for constructing your own artificial grid point out of copper tubes. This time report is about time travel portals. It shows how to build  three different Time Portals. These including a Hyper Dimensional Grid Point, that be basically two Hyper Dimensional Resonator units put together.

TR6 $22.06

Report 7 The Zero Vector $22.07

This time report is max awesome. It shows people how to build John Bajak's Flux Capacitor and as well as the TPR4 - Triode Projection Rod, the STR40 - Space Time Reflector, the unusual Plasmatron Oscillator that's built like an electronic crystal ball. There is information about the Fluxtron and the Biotronic Oscillator.
TR7 $22.07

Report 8 Eighth Key to the Riddle of Time $22.08

Has hard to locate data on time tunnel experiments. Shows you how to build your own XD700.
Contains hard to find information on viewing past, present or future events!
TR8 $22.08

Report 9 Ninth Key to the Riddle of Time $22.09

Steven Gibbs says that the information in this report almost cost him his life, learn how and why. Find out how to make the MVR or Multiverse Resonator That is like an HDR - Hyper Dimensional Resonator with a copper pyramid on top. The MVR does not need a vortex according to Steven Gibbs. Also talks about the Demat Cannon and Hyperspace Time Portal.
TR9 $22.09

Report 10 Tenth Key to the Riddle of Time $22.10

How to make the TA36 - Time Antenna, the QR7000 - Quantum Resonator, and the STM - Space Time Modulator. Also contains two letters from time travellers.
TR10 $22.10

Steven Gibbs rumor Thank You!

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