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History of the HDR -
Hyper Dimensional Resonator

Here is the HDR history in a nutshell for you.

History of the HDR - Hyper Dimensional Resonator
In the spring of 1985, an inventor got a call to build an exciting device that was new. HDR or Hyper Dimensional Resonator was created by inventor Steven Gibbs many years ago. However, it is still popular even now. This word HDR means Hyper Dimensional Resonator. It was first created in 1985 by me Steven Gibbs when I was living on a dairy farm in Clearwater Nebraska. I had back then approx 500 cows. That is a lot to take care. The HDR was basically a sonic resonator that was new improve. The sonic resonator only had two rectifier diodes instead of six. Also, it did not contain time coils like an HDR, but was near same. The sonic resonator was invented in 1981 and was an upgrade of another device known as sonic x.

Truly, I do not like spiders, ants or wasps. They just bug me. OK since 1985 I have built over seven hundred HDR units. These are sent all over the world and on all continents except antarctica - well, so far anyway. There are now HDR units in north america, south america, australia, europe, and asia even. Right now there are hundreds of HDRusers. It is our goal to teach people how to build exciting devices and have new experiences.

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